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    [GUIDE] Final Hero, Luminous

    Update Log

    1. 6 January 2014
    • Images error has been fixed.
    • MSEA first job skill build has been removed.
    • Skill build has been reorganised.
    • Skill information has been updated to the latest patch.
    2. 10 October 2013
    • Latest skill change has been added.
    3. 11 June 2013
    • Images and thumbnails error has been fixed.
    4. 12 June 2013
    • Skill build has been rearranged in a better order.
    • Latest skill change has been added.
    5. 25 June 2013
    • Skill details have been updated.
    • Skill build has been updated.
    6. 2 July 2013
    • Skill build has been updated.
    Introduction to Luminous

    Luminous is one of the five Heroes who sealed up Black Mage. He dealt the final blow to Black Mage once and for all, but became tainted with dark powers from the Black Mage and struggled to keep a hold of either Light or Darkness.

    During the battle with the Black mage, Luminous and Phantom were the last to arrive upon Freud's instructions. After Phantom quietly vanishes, Guwaru, a Black Mage Commander, challenged Luminous but before they could start the fight, Magnus appeared and killed Guwaru. Luminous attacked Magnus but to no avail and Magnus told Luminous that he is done with the Maple World before leaving.

    As Luminous pressed on, he came across Aran who was busy fending off Black Mage's minions. Aran urged him to continue into the Temple.

    Upon entering the Black Mage's throne, Luminous found the injured Freud and fainted Mercedes. He communicated with Freud through telepathy. Freud told Luminous to seal off the Black Mage once and for all, and he borrowed power from the Goddess of Time and freezes time itself so that Luminous could perform the sealing spell.

    After activating the seals, Freud requested Luminous to fight the Black Mage in order for him to use his full power, with Freud manipulating the power of time to help seal the Black Mage. However, when the Black Mage attempted to break free, Luminous was forced to physically clash with him. Though the Black Mage was ultimately defeated, Luminous was tainted in the process.

    A hundred years later, Luminous woke up and found himself in Ellinia and met a girl name Lania. Unfortunately, the Black Mage's dark powers gained control and suddenly annihilated the entire area, fatally injuring Lania in the process.

    After Luminous regained control over himself, he realised that his light and dark powers are at an imbalance as the dark powers he gained from the Black Mage has began to unseal itself.

    Therefore, he has to make a choice, between the Light and the Dark......

    Here’s tutorial for the GMS version of Luminous~ In the GMS version, the quests and skills have been modified. You won't choose between light or dark in the beginning tutorial, and there will only be one story. The story will be based on the Dark side, where in Luminous is conflicted about the darkness within him. You will have access to light and dark skills, with the ability to switch between the two and activate buffs that will enhance one or the other attribute.

    Here’s tutorial for the MSEA version of Luminous for Light path~ In the MSEA version, you can choose between light/dark in the beginning tutorial. It affects some of the storyline as well as your first job skills. In the Light version, you gain access to the skills Flash Shower and Light Affinity. In the Dark version, you get Abyssal Drop and Dark Affinity. Like GMS version, this one is sad though… you abandon Lania after you destroyed her home!

    Luminous wields a double-sided staff, Shining Rod and a secondary weapon, Light Orb. Like Mercedes and Phantom, he cannot attack without equipping the secondary weapon. Like other mages, his primary stat is INT.

    Can I Create a Female Luminous ?

    Luminous is depicted as a male in most pictures. All the official pictures I had seen of Luminous are male, in fact. Of course, Luminous is a hero and is supposed to be unique, so Nexon can't go changing the gender. You can create both a male and female gender though. Luckily, males and females doesn't look similar even with the default hair and face.

    As you can see from the image above, you have a choice between two faces, Tenacious Odd Eye (top right and bottom left) and Calm Odd Eye (top left and bottom right), as well as two hairstyles, Delicate Hair (top) and Twinkle (bottom).

    Pros and Cons

    • Higher mobility than other mages
    • Outstanding damage even unfunded
    • Most skills have very good range
    • Good in both bossing and mobbing
    • Easy leveling
    • High MP
    • Great link skill
    • Fairly balanced class
    • Most people will get one
    • Too many KS-ing skills
    • Standard Magic Guard is passive, burn pots at low level
    • Cannot choose between Light or Dark in the beginning tutorial
    • There is a cooldown of 30 seconds between switch from Light to Dark or vice versa.
    Light/Dark Skills System
    Luminous uses a very unique system, the light/dark skills system. Again GMS has a slightly different with the MSEA one in both functions and design.

    This is the light/dark skills system of GMS version. This one look a lot better than the MSEA one but a bit hard to understand. The crystal gem in the middle shows your current state, either Sunfire or Eclipse. Those wings beside the crystal gem are Light and Dark points you can accumulate. Each way will max out at 5.

    Upon login, you will have one Light and Dark point. If the first skill you use is Light skill, it will consume one Light point and you will activate Sunfire. The opposite also happens. In both mode, the respective magic will deal 50% more damage and recover 1% HP. Unlike MSEA version, you need to switch your Light/Dark manually by using the beginner skill, Change Light/Dark Mode. The gauge will flash to let you know which buff you have activated.

    Upon 3rd job advancement, you will be getting a new status, the Equilibrium. During the brief moment when both Light and Darkness, that is Sunfire and Eclipse are changing, you will reach Equilibrium. When you are in Equilibrium, both Light and Dark will be at disposal and you will gain 100% Power Stance with no cooldown for normal skills. Both your Light and Dark magic will deal 50% more damage while Equilibrium magic will deal 100% more damage during Equilibrium. There are total of 2 Equilibrium skill which are Death Scythe and Ender.

    This is the light/dark skills system of MSEA version. It don't look that nice like the GMS version one with the crystal gem and wings. However, it's a lot easier. Let’s start from the top left, Sunfire is activated where your light magic will deal 100% more damage and heals 1% of your HP. As you continue using Light magic, you’ll reach Equilibrium, where you can use all skills without cooldown and without costing MP, along with 100% extra damage for all skills. Afterwards you’ll activate the Eclipse buff, where your Dark skills will become more powerful, dealing 100% extra damage and without costing MP.

    This means in order to do the most damage, you must keep switching between using light skills and dark skills, and you can’t spam one attack!

    Luminous Skill Build


    Light skills deal 50% more damage, recover 1% of HP while the skill is active.

    Light skills deal 50% more damage, recover 1% of HP for each attack. Master Level: 1

    Increases the potency of your attack skills that have a Dark attribute. These attack skills recover a portion of your HP when this skill is active.

    Dark skills deal 50% more damage, recover 1% of HP for each attack. Master Level: 1

    [Link Skill] Light Wash
    The power of light breaks down enemy DEF, allowing your attacks to penetrate.

    10%/15%/20% of enemy DEF ignored. Master Level: 3

    Inner Light
    Increases Willpower, Insight, and Intelligence. The power of light deflects all Darkness.

    Willpower Lv.20, Insight Lv.20, INT+20, more MP increased from leveling, permanent immunity to Darkness status. Master Level: 1

    Flash Blink
    Transform into light and teleport to a random location on the field.

    MP Cost: 40, Teleport to the random location on the field. Master Level: 1

    Change Light/Dark Mode
    Get upon 2nd job advancement
    Allows you to use Light/Dark Points to change modes. Use during Light mode to change to Dark mode, or vice versa. Cooldown: 30 sec.

    Uses up 1 point to change to opposite mode. Master Level: 1

    Get upon 3rd job advancement

    Has a chance to activate Power Stance. All damage received will be reduced to 1. No cooldown. Increases skill damage output. All light skills will recover 1% of your HP. Uses 0 MP.

    100% chance for Power Stance to activate for 10 sec. 50% bonus damage dealt with spells. 100% bonus damage when Equilibrium is used. Cooldowns not applied. 0 MP used for Dark spells. 1% HP restored with Light spells. Master Level: 1

    First Job

    Light Speed
    Teleport in the desired direction by becoming a beam of light. Will be invulnerable for a short time after teleporting. Also permanently increases movement speed and jump.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 20. Teleports a range of 300, 500. Become invulnerable to physical attacks for a short time after teleport. Passive Effect : Increases Speed by 20, increases Jump by 10.

    Standard Magic Guard
    Passively converts a portion of damage dealt so it affects MP instead of HP. Permanently increases physical and magic DEF.

    At Master Level (10) : 85% of damage affects MP instead of HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage. Passive affect: Physical/M.DEF increased by 150.

    Mana Well
    Increases Max MP for a short time.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 0. Duration: 180 sec, MP: +30. Can stack with other buffs.

    Abyssal Drop
    [Dark Magic] Drops a condensed orb of darkness on multiple enemies in front.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 19. Max Enemies Hit: 6, Damage: 107%, Number of Attacks: 3.

    Dark Affinity
    Permanently increases light/dark magic ATT.

    At Master Level (5) : Increase light/dark magic ATT by 5%.

    Flash Shower
    [Light Magic] Fires a condensed orb of light that penetrates enemies as it flies.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 18. Max Enemies Hit: 5, Damage: 280%.

    First Job Skill Build

    Second Job

    Sylvan Lance
    [Light Magic] Tosses a spear of light to hit multiple enemies.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 31. Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 180%, Number of Attacks: 4.

    Blinding Pillar
    [Light Magic]
    Detonates a pillar of light that knocks back enemies and has a chance to stun.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 15. Max Enemies Hit: 10, Distance: 350, Knockback Chance: 100%.

    Pressure Void
    [Dark Magic] Directs an orb of darkness to battle enemies. Move the orb by holding the skill key and steering with the directional keys.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 15. Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 168%. Steer by holding the skill key and using Left Arrow Key, Right Arrow Key. Maximum range of 350 to the left and right.

    Black Blessing
    A dark orb forms when attacks are evaded for a short time in battle. Accumulating orbs will also increase Magic ATT. If there is any damage taken, one orb will destroy and absorb some of the damage.

    At Master Level (20) : Creates a dark orb to protect you after evading all attacks for 5 sec. If you take damage, one orb of darkness will break absorb 70% of damage. 1 Orb: Magic ATT increased by 15. 2 Orbs: Magic ATT increased by 24. 3 Orbs: Magic ATT increased by 30.

    Magic Booster
    Increases the attack speed of the weapon.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 30. Attack Speed +2 for 180 sec.

    Spell Mastery
    Magic mastery and magic ATT increase.

    At Master Level (10) : Magic Mastery: 50%, Magic ATT +10.

    High Wisdom
    Permanently increases INT.

    At Master Level (5) : Permanently increase INT by 40.

    Second Job Skill Build

    Third Job

    Spectral Light
    [Light Magic] Fires controllable beams of light. Steer the beams by holding the skill button and using the directional keys.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 20. Damage: 340%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8.

    Ray of Redemption
    [Light Magic] Heals party members and deal damage to enemies with power of light.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 41. Damage: 180%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Recovery: 800%.

    Moonlight Spear
    [Dark Magic] Fires a chain of dark moonlight from under the enemies' feet.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 75. Damage: 361%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 6.

    Death Scythe
    [Equilibrium] A scythe-toting reaper descends to destroy enemies.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 120. Damage: 230%, Number of Attacks: 6, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Cooldown: 24 sec.

    Shadow Shell
    Deflects all abnormal status effects. The shell breaks and must cooldown after a certain number of deflected status effects. Passively increases resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 200. Ignore abnormal status 3 times. Cooldown: 300 sec when broken. Passive effect: Increase resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects by 40%.

    Dusk Guard
    Temporarily increases physical and magic DEF and has a chance to ignore damage.

    At Master Level (10) : MP Cost: 76. Duration: 180 sec, DEF/M.DEF: +300. 20% chance to ignore damage.

    Photic Meditation
    Temporarily increases party magic ATT. Stacks with Meditation.

    At Master Level (20) : MP Cost: 55. Duration: 180 sec. Increases party Magic ATT by 40.

    Lunar Tide
    Increase either critical rate or ATT, depending on HP and MP.

    At Master Level (20) : When MP is greater than HP, damage increases by 20%. When MP lower than HP, Critical Rate increases by 30%.

    Third Job Skill Build

    Forth Job

    [Requires Mastery Book] Reflection
    [Light Magic] Emits a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 81. Damage: 420%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Morning Star
    [Dark Magic] Drops explosive meteors on enemies.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 50. Knockback Damage: 180%, Explosion Damage: 370%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 5 sec.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Apocalypse
    [Dark Magic] Opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 100, Damage: 340%, Number of Attacks: 7, Max Enemies Hit: 8.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Ender
    [Equilibrium] Attacks enemies with a giant blade that instantly eliminates them. Deals great damage to monsters that do not fall instantly.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 49. Max Instant KO's: 2, For enemies that cannot be Instant KO'd, Damage: 333%, Number of Attacks: 7. Cooldown: 12 sec.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Dark Crescendo
    Has a chance to increase damage with each consecutive hit for a short period of time.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 80. Duration: 180 sec, Chance to Increase Damage with each hit: 80%, Damage: +1%. Can stack up to 30 times.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Arcane Pitch
    Ignores an opponent's DEF and resistance for a short period of time.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 85 , Duration: 180 sec, Ignores DEF: 40%, Ignore resistance: 100%.

    [Requires Mastery Book] Magic Mastery
    [REQUIRE] Max Spell Mastery.

    Magic Mastery and magic ATT increase.

    At Master Level (30) : Magic Mastery: 70%, Magic ATT +30, Minimum Critical Damage +15%

    Darkness Mastery
    [REQUIRE] Lv10 Death Scythe.

    The buff duration of Equilibrium and the restoring speeds for both light and darkness skills increases. Also increases the ATT of Death Scythe.

    At Master Level (5) : Equilibrium Duration: +5 sec. Time to reach Sunfire and Eclipse decreases when Light or Dark skills are used. Additionally, Death Scythe ATT: +100%

    [Requires Mastery Book] Maple Warrior
    Temporarily increases the stats of all party members.

    At Master Level (30) : MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec.

    Forth Job Skill Build

    Hyper Skills

    S type Hyper Skills are the same for all, so I'm not going to explain. Since I can only have a maximum image of 50. So I'm going to make it 3-in-1 for the skill icon of P type Hyper Skills. For A type Hyper Skills, no worries.

    Reflection - Reinforce/Spread/Range Up
    • Damage +20%
    • Reduces split damage rate to 0%
    • Range +50
    Apocalypse - Reinforce/Recharge/Extra Target
    • Damage +20%
    • Increase the effect of Apocalypse on the gauge
    • Max Enemies Hit +2
    Ender - Reinforce/Extra Target/Range Up
    • Damage +20%
    • Max Enemies Hit +1
    • Range +40
    Puts you in Equilibrium mode immediately upon use.

    MP -1000. Equilibrium status begins, Cooldown: 150 sec.

    Renders enemies immobile and deals damage.

    MP -1000. Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 1000%, Immobile Duration: 20 seconds, Cooldown: 120 sec, Max Damage: 9999999

    Heroic Memories
    Increases damage and max damage cap.

    MP -100. Duration: 60 seconds, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +50000, Cooldown: 120 sec. Only applies to hero classes in party.

    Hyper Skills Build

    Luminous Skill Changes

    Skill Change 1: Hyper Evolution
    • (4th job) Darkness Mastery : Duration decreased from 10 sec to 5 sec.
    • (4th job) Apocalypse : Damage decreased from 350% to 340%.
    • (4th job) Morning Star : Duration increased from 3 sec to 5 sec.
    • (4th job) Reflection : Damage increased from 300% to 400%. Range increased against initial target.
    Skill Change 2: [KMS] Battle Mage, Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Luminous and Xenon Job Balancing
    • (Basics) Equilibrium : Damage done by Damage Reflect will now be reduced to 1 while in the Equilibrium state, Black Blessing's orbs will no longer disappear if hit while in the Equilibrium state.
    • (2nd job) Black Blessing : Damage reduction effect will now apply to damage done by Damage Reflect, orbs will no longer disappear if a monster’s attack is guarded or avoided, damage reduction will now be applied before Standard Magic Guard’s effect
    • (3rd job) Shadow Shell : Shadow Shell will now only be used up for status effects such as seduce, stun, zombify, and transform (among others), basic status effects (such as darkness or curse) will not use up the shield and will afflict you regularly, will not be used up if your resistance to states and elements activates and resists the status.
    Skill Change 3: [KMS] FLY - Festival in Maple
    • (3rd job) Moonlight Spear : Damage increased from 361% to 371%.

    This time, GMS modify the KMS version of Luminous a lot. Other than the Light/Dark Skills System, GMS also changes some skills effect. First one is Reflection. The only changes for this skill is their damage. Reflection in KMS version deals 300% damage 4 times; Reflection in GMS version deals 420% damage 4 times. Second one is Ray of Redemption. In KMS version, you only recover 500% HP at Master Level; in GMS version, you recover 800% HP at Master Level. I think that's all!

    I'm a player of both KMS and GMS. After I had been playing both Luminous, I realise KMS version of Luminous can deal higher damage instead. This is mainly because of the Light/Dark skills system. KMS system allow you to have 100% more damage for respective spells in respective mode while GMS system only allow 50% extra damage. This is a huge difference even GMS version of Luminous have higher damage. But in GMS version, players can choose to focus on their strength of Light or Dark instead of balancing them.

    I personally like to play the Hero class and I had tried them all until forth job. Among the 5 Heroes, I can tell you that Luminous is the strongest even after nerf! Aran is a high damage class even unfunded but Aran's range is a bit out. Evan is like Aran with very great range but Evan can only attack one direction and I think Evan has the highest attack speed among all other mages! Mercedes and Phantom is about the same, FAST AND ELEGANT! The only difference is that Mercedes is more to bossing while Phantom is more to training. But their damage is relatively low without good funding. Luminous, you will never feel weak without funding even after nerf!

    Very thank you for reading. I hope it helps! Kindly give some feedbacks.

    If you find it useful, subscribe to this thread and rate me with 5 stars.


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    it would be so great if you add more information about item stats that we should focus on for each equipment :)

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    Awesome guide mate! But maybe you could add some "bossing tips" like how you could go to equilibrium, spam ender, then use equalize to return to equilibrium to spam ender even longer. And that Spectral Light is our fastest attack. (Correct me if im wrong)
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    Great guide. Could you tell me what character cards I should be getting?

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    Nice, guide. 'll be sure to use this if i ever main a lumi

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    Thanks for guide

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    Very nice and professional looking guide imo!

    Will look forward to using it in the future. :)

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    Call Of Cygnus

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