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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Extalia Network?
    Most of you probably come here to play our MapleStory server. This server is just a part of the network, other parts are for example our forum and our chat. All our services are connected to each other and if you put them all together, Extalia is what you get.

    Why do I have to sign up for the forum to play the game?
    As said above, Extalia is a network and all the services we have to offer are connected to each other. We built the network on the forum which makes your forum account to your network account. You don't only use your forum account to log into the forum but also to log into the chat and the website where you can create and manage your gaming accounts.
    This is also for your own security. If you get hacked or if you decide to share your gaming accounts with a friend, the other person can't change the password without having access to your network account.

    Why do I have to install Java to join the chat?
    That's because the chat client is coded in Java and if you don't hava Java installed your browser can't load the applet. That's also why you need to keep the site opened when using the Web Login, because as soon as you close it the browser unloads the applet.


    What version is this server?
    We are the most up-to-date Global MapleStory server. Usually we are the same version as Global MapleStory.

    What are the rates?
    Our rates are 8x Experience, 2x Meso and 5x Drop. We are not planning to ever increase these with exception for events.

    Is this a fully Global like server or do you also have some custom features?
    For the real MapleStory experience we have to design the game as Global like as possible, but what is a private server without custom features? Of course, we have some custom features too, the best is you download the game and log in right now to find out.

    I downloaded the client, what do I do with it?
    After you downloaded the client files you have to extract them into your MapleStory folder, this can be done with a tool called WinRAR. If you don't have a MapleStory folder because you don't have MapleStory installed yet, then of course you first have to download the setup. After you extracted the client files you have to run ExtaliaMS.exe to get connected.

    When I launch the client it says that it can't connect to the login server due to a server check, a firewall block or other network issues.
    Mostly if you get this message there is a server check going on and the status on the website will tell you that the server is offline. If this is not the case please check your firewall and anti-virus settings, it's possible that one of these suspect and block our client, so try to add all the client files as exception. Sometimes redownloading the client or reinstalling the game helps too.

    What is the meaning of error code -2147...?
    This usually means that you have the wrong version of MapleStory installed, make sure this is not the case. Otherwise it can also be an issue with your graphic card, try to run Setup.exe to fix your settings. Again, sometimes redownloading the client or reinstalling the game helps too.

    When I launch the game the screen turns black, then after a while MapleStory just closes.
    This most likely has something to do with your graphic card, try to run Setup.exe to fix your settings. If this is not the case try to move your MapleStory folder to another place, this seems to be a fix for this issue as well. And again, sometimes redownloading the client or reinstalling the game helps too.

    How do I become a GM?
    You can't apply for this position and you won't earn it from being a bootlicker either. Simply be active and helpful and maybe an administrator will invite you to staff.

    Are there any custom commands I should know about?
    Yes, there are a few custom commands, you can view all of them by typing @help in-game.

    How do I job advance?
    Unlike most other private servers we try to design the game as Global like as possible, this includes the job advancements. You job advance the same way you do it on the official servers. If you are new to MapleStory feel free to ask the other players for help, there surely is someone who can show you the way to your job advancement.

    I didn't get all the skills when I job advanced.
    This should only be the case if you are playing a Cygnus Knight and using the @skill command should help here.

    How do I get NX Cash
    NX Cash is obtained from voting, you can get up to 5,000 NX Cash every 6 hours. To vote you simply have to visit our website and if you didn't vote within the past 6 hours it will ask you to do so.

    Where do I buy Gachapon Tickets from?
    You can't buy tickets, they are dropped by monsters once in a while at a very low rate.

    Why do I get high latency/disconnected on channels 2-6?
    This is an issue with Israeli ISPs and right now it's confirmed that only the Bezeq ISP has this problem. The Staff cannot fix the connection problem and have looked in to it already, the only solution for those with Bezeq or any other ISP in Israel suffering this problem is to buy the Gamer Package (or Gamer IP) from the ISP for an additional cost. More on the issue.

    If you have any questions about the forum, please check out the forum's FAQ. And if you have any questions about the chat, type /help, as far as you don't have troubles logging in but that's mostly only the case if you don't have Java installed. But if really nothing helps you can always open a new thread in the Support section and you will surely be helped.
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